Pre-insulated Underground Pipe

pre-insulated underground pipe

Underground chilled water, underground heat distribution, underground hot water, underground insulated pipe, underground insulated piping, underground steam pipe, and underground steam piping. All areas of pipe installation where if you are burying your piping you want to go with a pipe manufacturer who knows the challenges of the environmental pressure experience by pre-insulated underground pipe.

Pre-Insulated Underground Pipe

Pre-Insulated Underground Pipe being Installed.

Super Temp-Tite® and Heat-Tite® are two excellent Pre-insulated Underground Pipe products designed to perform underground for many years underground with few problems. Factory Fabricated Pre-insulated Piping System: The piping system and all of its components also shall be designed to operate up to 250 psig at 400ºF, plus typical surges. Furthermore, the system shall be segmented at 20 foot intervals to preclude the spread of groundwater between pipe lengths. Unless otherwise specified, all pipe, fittings, valves, and accessories shall conform to the requirements of ANSI B31.1 and shall be of proper type for the pressure and temperature of the service.

Looking for an Excellent Pre-Insulated Underground Pipe for Chilled Water?

Try Kool-Kore®

Kool-Kore is an economical pre-insulated polyvinyl chloride pipe for underground chilled water distribution systems. This product consists of a PVC carrier pipe surrounded by polyurethane foam insulation inside a PVC or HDPE casing. Kool-Kore combines the corrosion resistance and high flow characteristics of PVC with polyurethane insulation.

Our Kool-Kore is a factory pre-insulated, low cost polyvinyl chloride piping system for underground chilled water system. It may only be used in for water only in temperatures to 70ºF and a pressure of 150 psi, or up to 120ºF if pressure is reduced to 60 psi. I may be used at higher pressures for chilled water.

In conclusion, the carrier pipe is a lightweight, corrosion resistant, and Class 160 PVC. It has a grooved bell end containing a flexible rubber ring. Insulation is a thermally efficient polyurethane foam. And a ‘K’ factor of 0.16 at 70ºF.  Most noteworthy, ground water infiltration is prevented by the heavy wall PVC or HDPE casing and heavy-duty compression end seals.