Leaders in Pre-insulated pipe and piping systems manufactured in the U.S.A.

Focused on providing the heating and cooling distribution industry with superior and innovative pre-insulated pipe products.

Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe and piping systems for underground heating and cooling distribution systems. Primary customers include schools, hospitals, prisons, military installations, resort/hotels, industrial facilities, and municipal buildings. Corporate headquarters are located in Wilmington, Delaware and our manufacturing facility in Durant, Oklahoma.


Pre-Insulated Pipe and Thermal Insulated PipeThermal Pipes Systems has a full product line offering solutions engineered to meet your specific requirements. We offer traditional field welded piping manufactured from various types of core piping, insulation, and casings. Additionally, we offer our unique Water Spread Limiting product line, which is a push joint gasketed system with the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in installation time and cost
  • Elimination of expansion loops and/or devices
  • Limits field damage to a single section of pipe
  • Components eliminate the need for cathodic protection

Products are sold through a network of representatives and local Regional Managers thereby assuring prompt personalized service. Please explore our site. You will find that our systems are designed and engineered to meet your specific needs.

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    Insulated pipe is often used in modern medical and healthcare facilities.

    Medical Services

    The best Thermal Insulated Pipe or Piping Systems for your Hospital or Medical Facility projects.

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    Longevity of the professional pipe installation is maximized because of the material used, also due the quality manufacturing of our insulated piping systems.

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    We can offer our clients custom solutions to meet their industrial insulated pipe project needs.

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    These systems avoid systemic failures from localized events and have integrated expansion provisions.

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    Our Products In The Field

    Our Insulated Pipe Systems are performing for clients around the U.S.A. and the world.

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