About Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc.

Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pre-insulated piping for underground heating and cooling distribution systems.  Primary customers include schools, hospitals, prisons, military installations, resort/hotels, industrial facilities, and municipal buildings.  Corporate headquarters are located in Wilmington, Delaware and our manufacturing facility in Durant, Oklahoma.

Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc. was formed in 1979 with a core focus to provide the heating and cooling distribution industry with superior and innovative pre-insulated pipe products.  Initial product offerings evolved through the acquisition of the patents and manufacturing rights to pre-insulated products developed by the Pipe Division of Johns-Mansville Corporation.  Additional products were added in 1981 when Thermal Pipe Systems and Fiber Glass Systems, Inc. signed an agreement whereby Thermal Pipe Systems received rights to market Fiber Glass Systems products to the central heating and cooling industry.  In 1993, we improved the product line with additional fiberglass casing products.  Today, Thermal Pipe Systems continues to develop products that meet or exceed industry demands.

Thermal Pipe Systems has a full product line offering solutions engineered to meet your specific requirements, many incorporating our unique Water Spread Limiting design.  We offer traditional field welded, bonded, and restrained piping manufactured from various types of core piping, insulation, and casings.  Additionally, we offer gasketed systems with the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in installation time and cost
  • Elimination of expansion loops and/or devices
  • Limits ground water infiltration from field damage to a single section of pipe
  • Components eliminate the need for cathodic protection